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Time trembles when I write with a dip pen and ink. The speed is slow due to the repetitive pause dipping for ink. My thoughts unfold and flow easier with a process that needs constant maintenance. Probably, my enjoyment of this form of writing is more to do with the speed of my thinking. I am a ponderous and untidy thinker: I’ve been told that the length of pauses between my thinking and speaking are unnaturally long. Perhaps when I’m not writing with ink and nib I’m metaphorically dipping for words and substance.
At Beggars’ Velvet we mostly write all our letters with nib pens and ink.  We use square recycled paper cut to size especially for us by John Purcell, the paper specialists in Brixton, South London. They cut it to size, a square so that the letter folds neatly.
When the letter is finished the paper is folded into an envelope and then sealed with  wax.


Above is a photo of the tools we use to write letters.

Our unusual wax seal was made by us at Beggars’ Velvet using an old wooden pull and an old bronze button.This image also shows a vintage pewter inkwell, a blotter and pen. BV.L business card (hand printed by us), and Postal Taper Sealing Wax. We buy our beautiful wax direct from Derek Black who has been making fine sealing waxes for 40 years. contact him at Waterstons Sealing Wax Ltd. Edinburgh. 0131 554 2683. Waterstons has been manufacturing and trading since 1752. The best way of ordering is via email:


A small selection of Beggars’ Velvet vintage nib pens.

We occasionally sell restored vintage pens fitted with nibs and reservoirs, check regularly on the  Rarities section of our website. 


My favourite dip pen currently. 

I think a pen should fit the hand and my hand is workmanlike.
The width and length of this one feel just right to me.
It is a vintage simple pen made by D. Leonardt & Co. (Date unknown & very likely a promotional gift .) It has an integral nib, all it needed was a well or reservoir as shown in the photo above. The reservoir needs to fit just below the tip of the nib, so that the ink can collect and with pressure releases with ease when writing.
For new nibs and reservoirs we use:
Maintenance and care... After use, the nib will need to be cleaned with warm water and dried with a lint free cloth. If you forget to do this (as I do from time to time), remove the nib and well. Mix a paste of water & baking soda, gently clean the nib and reservoir, rinse and dry carefully. The nibs will rust without care, and you will find the flow of ink will be impaired. Having said all that, I usually buy a stock of nibs and reservoirs to compensate for my forgetfulness.
Any questions or enquires please email

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