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Make useful beautiful objects, occasionally make things that are not useful but make you feel good!

Keep hand and eye firmly placed on every product ensuring each is unique and made with care.

Use only the finest materials. Employ those who have trained in  traditional skills in making fine products, that last and wear well over time.


Use British materials and manufacturing wherever possible, and use small local businesses with excellent work practices.



Choose every phrase, quote, epigram and word with great care.



Design it to reflect our passion for hand tools and making. Where ever possible make it personal.



If it’s going in the bin, make it recyclable and keep it to a minimum.

Where products need protecting, make it recyclable.


Where a product might need to be stored between use, make it beautiful, robust, use fine materials, and... make it recyclable. 

Packaging can be a lovely thing and we design ours in-house and have it manufactured in Sheffield.