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Terms and Conditions

Beggars' Velvet produce as much as we can by hand using the finest materials we can find and with the utmost care. Therefore variations may occur occasionally but these only add to the intrinsic appeal of our goods.

Time has been spent ensuring that the descriptions and specifications on this website are as accurate as possible. While the colours displayed are as close a representation as possible, slight variations may occur in the actual goods.

All measurements given are approximate. 

Retail prices are shown in UK sterling only -The Euro, US dollar and other currency conversions will be subject to the customer's own bank at the time of processing.


Beggars' Velvet will do it's best to exercise reasonable precautions to keep information supplied to us, by customers, strictly confidential but information will be stored on a computer system for our convenience.

Very occasionally we may share our contacts with companies whose products we think you will love. If you prefer us not, then please opt out of subscription.


The copyright of this website & the products shown are owned by Ros Badger and Kate Owen t/a Beggars' Velvet.

By entering and using this site, you acknowledge and agree that all the text, graphics, images and design, including all materials, fabrics and products which appear on this site, the design, look and feel of the site itself, are protected by copyright, design rights, and other intellectual property rights. You acknowledge and agree that the material and content contained within this website is only made available for your personal non-commercial use and therefore you respect the creativity of Beggars' Velvet by not using any material contained here without prior agreement and permission of designer/owners Ros Badger and Kate Owen.