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Crossover Back Apron Cotton


The Beggars' Velvet crossover back apron is based on a classic design that has been around since the 1920's. We have updated this essential piece of workwear so that is is not only practical but a beautiful and stylish piece of clothing.

Discreetly embroidered onto the pocket of our apron is the word OVERSLOPPE. 

Oversloppe n. overgarment. OE Chaucer CY PRO 1.

'His oversloppe nis nat worth a myte' 

(Chaucer might not have thought much of the oversloppe, but we think ours is worth £95.)

Made in small runs from fine cottons and linens, here in South East London, we produce a limited edition of each colour based on the size of the fabric bolt available.

As with all Beggars' velvet products we are careful not to waste resources and so we buy our fabrics from warehouses that source unused leftover rolls from designers.

Currently our Oversloppes are made from Swedish linen and from a fine Italian Cotton & mixed fibre that recently seen on the catwalk.....

One size only.

Fabric Navy Cotton/Mixed Fibre.

Length - shoulder to hem 108 cm approx.

Width at hem 93 cm approx..


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