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Old Slang Drink Mats


Beggars' Velvet Old Slang drink mats are hand-made and branded in South East London using Ratchford's buckram.

Each 10cm square piece of 3mm timber is wrapped with buckram (which is also known as bookcloth). The mats are then backed in wool felt before being individually foil-branded.

The lettering has been created using our antique bookbinding tools then foil-blocked in the traditional way

Each presentation box contains 6 mats; 1 each of the following slang drink terms. 

One for the Ditch

Bend The Elbow

Disguise Oneself

Get an Edge On

Look Through The Glass

Drop of The Creature

We offer 3 colour ways. If each mat is wiped clean after use they will last well.

10cm square