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Sentence Spoons


Each Beggars' Velvet wooden spoon is laser etched in Peckham, South East London with one of four epigrams. The lettering has been created from our antique brass bookbinding tools.  

Made from beechwood, each spoon is 30cm long. Each has a label attached with the definition and source printed onto it.


All that's said in the kitchen should not be told in the hall -Scottish proverb

No one does down a cook and gets off Scot free - Menander, 3rd Century BC.(translation)

The cook was a good cook and as good cooks go, she went - Saki, 1904

 Credence is vsed & tastynge for drede of poysenynge - Mayer Nominale, 1500.

Clean with hot soapy water. Wood should not be washed in a dishwasher.

After use, oil occasionally to keep a consistent finish.

Length 32cm approx

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